Tourist Hot Spots in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, so it should come as no surprise that it is the first choice for both national and international travelers. Whether you are in the Toronto city or in the Greater Toronto Area, you can easily find a lot of fun activities, food, and events to keep you occupied throughout your stay.

Toronto is a mind-blowing city, that holds a perfect blend of both modernity and history. Its skyline is decorated with stunning architecture and the city has it all – natural outdoor spaces, top education, entertainment and a lot more.

Here are 3 places you must visit:

  1. The CN Tower

One of Toronto’s most popular attractions is the CN Tower. It is a whopping 553 meters tall and is an engineering marvel with in-house top-notch dining and entertainment facilities. Not only does it offer breathtaking views of Toronto, but there’s also a 3D theatre, shopping mall and more. In 1995 it was considered one of the Modern World’s Seven Wonders by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

     2. The Distillery District

The Distillery District is one of Toronto’s most interesting areas, full of amazing attractions and a staggering history. You’ll also find some of Toronto’s best boutiques, coffee shops, art shops & galleries, luxury restaurants and performance venues here, so there’s definitely a lot to see and do. It’s a pedestrian-only village that houses more than 70 cultural and commercial establishments made in iconic red brick, Victorian-era buildings of the Gooderham & Worts whiskey distillery. You’d be surprised to know that in 1871, the Distillery district accounted for about half of the province’s total spirits, but today it has become one of Toronto’s coolest neighborhoods, perfect for artistic and culture loving hip people. Sounds worth visiting, right?

3.  The Art Gallery of Ontario 

Moving on from the hip streets of Distillery district, it’s time for a grand art tour to the famous Art Gallery of Ontario, housing so many epitomes of art. It contains over 80,000 masterpieces, dating from the first century to the present day. The gallery is surely going to blow your mind when you see it’s unique collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other national and international artworks. The Thomson Collection is a must to check out, here you can see European art masterpieces dating from the Italian Renaissance through the mid-1900s centering around Peter Paul Rubens’ Baroque world-renowned painting “Massacre of the Innocents.”

These are the top 3 spots to visit in Toronto on a short trip.

Have fun!